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Confidentiality and security respects your right to the private life.

By making deals via, you entrust to us financial and personal information of a great value; we understand your fears concerning the questions of safety about Internet. realizes the importance to protect the private life from our customers.

Your information belongs to you.
Your personal information, although they are divided with, belongs to you. When we speak about personal information, we indicate any information concerning an identifiable individual, including your email address, your postal address, your interests or your information of credit. We believe that it is your right to make purchases in a safety environment and to know the use which we will make of your personal information.

The reserve of your information protects you.
Your personal information never will be shared, exchanged, sold or used in any manner without your formal assent. We do not exchange mailing lists, do not share information on the customers, nor do not sell the phone or fax numbers. Only and our associated companies have access to this information. Finally, the reserve of personal information helps to protect you from the frauds by credit card, because we file all the transactions in the event of dispute.

Exchange of information with thirds.
At the time of the treatment of your purchase, the data on your credit card are processed by Lumix Inc. (head office of Only the other circumstances under which we would reveal any personal information of a customer to a third party would be a quotation to appear (subpoena) or an order of legitimate court, of police agency or if the transmitter of the credit card makes us the request in the event of complaint of it. Each time your information is shared, will require a reasonable insurance that the thirds will protect your information in accordance with our practices on the private life.

Cumulative information.
From time to time, can share statistics which describe the use that the visitors make of our site. Those can include information the such average amount of the purchases, their geographical distribution, the periods of the day receiving the most financial activity and the kind of products which receives the most requests. None of these statistics will reveal any information individual or being able to identify an individual. This information makes it possible to modify its site in order to better serve the users, to make better use of its marketing resources and assistance the administrators to understand how to explain efficiently to the users. takes the safety on line seriously.

Working in agreement to protect your purchase.
We work closely with our team of development to ensure that your purchase is firmly protected with each phase from the transaction. Our site is based on Web applications among the most respected and it is protected from the fraudulent activities by robust hardware and software systems of safety.

SSL Coding.
On any page where you share personal information or make financial transactions, quantifies your data by protocol SSL (Secure Socket Layers). Available on the majority of the popular navigators, coding SSL enables you to send and receive information without being afraid that confidential data can be intercepted by whoever, with share you and When you read a sedentary Web page, the navigator will post a symbol of the type "lock barred" in order to opinion you that coding SSL is moving. Moreover, sedentary the Web addresses start with "https://" instead of the usual "http://".

Coding certified by Starfield Secure Certification Authority. is proud to use a certificate licensed by Starfield Secure Certification Authority, which ensures that our site is protected by SSL at the height level from figuring from 128 bits. Starfield Secure Certification Authority emits a certificate of 128 bits, the sedentary level available throughout the world. The number of "bits" describes the length of the key which protects quantified information. Even if the difference between 40 and 128 bits of information does not seem so impressive, it is very important. The keys with 128 bits are approximately 309 squared larger times (309 485 000 000 000 000 000 000 000) that those with 40 bits. This strong level of coding makes extremely difficult the penetration of a session SSL.

Protection of your personal information.
Only and its administrators have the right to reach your personal information. All this information is preserved in a sedentary zone of the site and the administrators must be recorded by means of names of user and passwords single, emitted and checked by encoded services of authentification. Each administrator has his own entry and can reach only information relating to its own responsibilities; does not share any information on the customers with other trade and we will not sell nor will not exchange with whoever our files on the customers.

Firewall servers: the data-processing pirate proof.
All our data are protected on servers which reside behind robust firewalls. A firewall is a system - or, in our case, a group of systems - which applies a policy of accesses controlled between networks. Our site is constantly supervised by qualified technicians, as well as software firewall, is used to make enter the administrators, but keeps the intruders with the variation. You can be sure that your information is in safety on our servers. Moreover, we put up to date our antivirus programs constantly, which allows to you you proud with the files, pages and received information of

Still more safety.
By additional safety measure and contrary of the other companies; at we chose an option which does not store your information of credit card on our servers. Once your order place information of your credit card is unobtrusive. It is thus practically impossible that this information is collected by a malevolent person.

Our goal is to return the purchase in simple and sedentary line. If you have questions about the way in which we protect your safety, please contact us in all times.

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