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Karaoke Deluxe ©

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DescriptionPrice - I want to book a Deluxe Karaoke© ***Economic for Home*** and agree to the following conditions: LOCATION -In my private residential home -Indoor installation on my TV and my sound system permanently connected ***or*** on my home theatre permanently connected -The place is easily accessible and free 24 hours before and after my event, equipment will remain installed during that time. PRICES -Price for a day -Price reduced for residential -Includes the preparation, installation, hook-ups, tuning, explanations by a karaoke specialist -Travel costs are displayed in the rental cart after the selection of a date and valid address. PAYMENT -No down payment required -Surety deposit of $1,000 with a credit card which will be required at least 72 hours before the installation -I will personally be present at the installation and return of equipment. CONTACT -Once the order is verified and approved, a specialist will contact me on the phone to settle an appointment. CONDITIONS -The Deluxe Karaoke© ***Economic for Home*** is a super deal and all conditions must be met, otherwise I will return to the website for another purpose or for other options. 98.00 remove

Make reservation >>>

Information and conditions
Costs and details of travel expenses for delivery and recovery are displayed in the rental cart after the selection of a date and a valid address. Reservation must be completed by the host/organizer and unmediated. The illustrations are indicative only. The list of titles may vary and is not guaranteed. The songs offered are of the highest quality available. These professional products are designed for fun and are not performed by the original artists. Conditions may change at any time without notice.

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